Slot Overview, Reel Rush

NetEnt dusted out their old gaming systems to get ideas for the sweet Reel Rush slot. The game has a retro style and feel, which brings back fond memories of playing video games in the past. Not only do players get to experience a pleasant fruit rush on an unconventionally arranged grid, but they also get to enjoy a wonderful game design and a respin feature that will take them on a wild trip. Since its premiere in 2013, its deceptively straightforward concept has been delighting audiences everywhere.

The row layout in Reel Rush was very unusual at the time of its introduction, however the view may not be as “wow” as it once was. Played on 5 reels with a default format of 1-3-4-3-1 rows, it was later put to good use in games like Yggdrasil’s Valley of the Gods. It’s true that Reel Rush’s environments aren’t particularly sophisticated at first glance, but the game’s use of chunky cartoon foliage gives it a nostalgic feel. The audio effects, which seem to have been lifted straight out of Mario or Alex the Kid, also add a ton to the game’s appeal. Even while the game’s pace is frenetic on its own, the terrific music amps up the chaos whenever things become heated.

In 2018, an HTML update made it possible to play Reel Rush on any platform, from desktop computers to mobile phones. Bets start at 50 p/c and go up to $/€100 every spin, so there’s plenty of variety even if they aren’t ideal for casual players. While the math model behind Reel Rush isn’t exactly cutting edge (that came later), it does a great job of generating a varied selection of shorter spins to break up the larger respin and free spin sequences. The default value of the RTP is 96.96%, and the volatility is medium. Check the documentation to determine whether the operator you’re about to play on has decreased the RTP before you start.

Three or more identical symbols anywhere on the first reel will result in a payout. Given that every spin begins with a single symbol on reel 1, that may seem like a tall order. The analysts at NetEnt have made sure that even restrictions that seem severe at first might really be beneficial. The first five symbols are low-paying oval candies. Most of the symbols are made up of hard candy. Fruits including plums, grapes, watermelons, lemons, pineapples, and strawberries are artfully incorporated into the designs of the sweets that serve as the prizes. If you manage to get five of these, you’ll walk away with a hundred to a thousand coins. The golden wild appears on reels two, three, and four. Wilds are used to complete winning combinations and have no monetary worth of their own.

Reel Rush: Slot Functions

Two of Reel Rush’s features, Free Spins and Respins, can be triggered by accumulating win multipliers. A common enough idea now, but one that was unusual until Reel Rush came along.

Every win activates a respin, therefore they’re a crucial part of the gameplay. When you win, two of the tiles in the way are “blown away in a cloud of dust,” revealing more of the playing field. Since there are now more possible outcomes, this raises the odds of achieving even another winning combination. Spin 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 for a total of 135, 405, 675, 1125, or 1875 possible paylines. When a victory occurs during a respin, two more tiles are eliminated and another respin is granted. When no further wins occur, play reverts to the original state.

If a win occurs on the fifth respin, however, you will receive 8 more free spins. For the period of free spins, the playing field is a completely empty 5×5. This is where the game’s highest payouts are most likely to occur, and there are 3,125 of them.

Judgment on the Slot Machine, Reel Thrust

Even while Reel Rush, like many older video games and slot machines, is showing its age, it is still a lot of fun to play. NetEnt done a fantastic job of encapsulating the feel of a simple yet exhilarating SNES game, and turning it into a captivating slot. The constant reloading of the screen keeps the action moving and makes it difficult to put the game down. The nostalgic visuals and sound effects add to the game’s nostalgic charm.

Since then, several slots like NetEnt’s Fruit Shop and the sequel to Megaways have incorporated the respins after every win mechanism device, since it has proven to be rather popular with players. Results may not always be earth-shattering, but Reel Rush remains just as thrilling today as it did when it was first released, thanks to the game’s ability to snowball into higher grid sizes and free spins. The potential of Reel Rush may not be as impressive as what has come after it, but players may still have rewarding victory. When you add in the high return to player percentage and the well-known gameplay, it’s easy to ignore the game’s flaws.

To put it simply, playing Reel Rush is enjoyable. The images make it seem basic and dated, but once you’re in the middle of things, you won’t care. The excellent soundtrack takes you back to the glory days of gaming, making you feel like you’re shoving a square cartridge into your system for some classic 2D scrolling fun.

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